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We use Pay-Pal for secure online payment. 

DSI is a registered PayPal user & gladly offers payment for services through PayPal.  Click here to send a secure online payment now.

How PayPal Works

PayPal is an easy-to-use application that allows you to securely send money to any email user in the U.S. After signing up, you simply enter the recipient's email address and a dollar amount. The money is charged to your credit card, and sent to the recipient. The transaction takes seconds to complete.

There's no problem if the recipient is not yet a PayPal user. He or she simply registers at PayPal after receiving an email notification, and is immediately credited with the amount in the new account. Funds may be withdrawn at any time by direct deposit to a bank account or a personal check from PayPal. Users may also opt to send the money on to others.

Click here to sign up now!!

PayPal is Fast

The transaction takes only a few seconds to complete and the recipient is instantly credited with the money.

PayPal is Free

PayPal's electronic payment service is completely free.

PayPal is Secure

All transactions are conducted through our secure servers, which are protected behind state-of-the-art firewalls.

PayPal is Private

Your financial information, such as credit card and bank account numbers, is kept private and the only personal information the recipient sees is your name and email address.

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